Even though we're in separate states, Gabe is still willing to do whatever he can to help me. I needed some help with some lifts, as I couldn't exactly remember how to do them after a year of not lifting, and he got back to me very quickly about how my form should look. He is very professional in the way he interacts and he is very knowledgeable. He's been helping keep me motivated and he may even offer a bit of life advice here and there. He will keep you on track and keep you focused on your goals. I send him my stats from runs and he offers feedback and asks questions about how it went. He will then offer advice on how to make it better the next time around. All in all, Gabe is a great trainer who is very knowledgeable and I will strongly recommend him to anyone looking for a personal trainer.
Kayleigh Sommer - From Google Maps: The Wingspan Training Fitbox is a nice small studio. It's big enough to go in and get a nice workout in with Gabe (the owner and personal trainer) and it has just the right amount of equipment to provide a versatile workout each session. Gabe has added a lot of new equipment and the space is really starting to fill up! Gabe keeps the space clean and tidy. I would highly recommend Wingspan Training for all personal training needs and for a good butt kicking!
Shannon Andrus - From Google Maps: My body has never looked and felt better than this! Thanks to Wingspan Training, I'm getting stronger and leaner every day. The work outs are fun and challenging! Thank you Gabe for all of your help throughout my fitness journey.
Thank you Thumbtack for assisting me in my quest to hire a personal trainer. Gabe impressed me right out the gate with his broad knowledge base and expert certification. The longer we spoke the more certain I became that he was the trainer for me. I got the impression that he truly cares about his clients and whether or not they succeed in reaching their goals. Therefore, and in light of the foregoing reasons, i have chosen to hire Mr. Gabe Chavis as my fitness coach going forward.
Absolutely love Gabe! He has pushed me and taught me so many things I can't wait to see my progress. If you are second guessing yourself like I was, I suggest reaching out and talking to Gabe. Definitely a great decision.
This is the BEST thing I’ve ever done for myself. 7 months ago I was burnt out and tired. The surgeon said I needed a knee replacement which was something I was not on board with to do. Today I don’t need a new knee and I’m 25 lbs and 4 sizes diwn. Gabe has changed my way of thinking which has created a new me! He is the catalyst that motivates me to challenge myself each session. Many thanks and I look forward to the time I make for myself each week to a better way of living.
Seemed knowledgeable about muscles that were on body & pushed me but didn't over do
Working with Wingspan Training has been effortless! It is so easy to schedule with them. I specifically train with Gabe but he has other trainers in case he is not available for my time slot. Gabe is kick ass! He keeps you entertained and motivated throughout the whole session and he is funny! He also comes up with the wildest but effective movements. A session with Gabe is never boring and you will leave each session feeling accomplished and you will most likely have learned something from him. I highly recommend working with Gabe and Wingspan Training!
This dude is dope!
I take private soccer training lessons and had noticable improvements every time. Would highly reccommend this to a friend.
Wingspan training has helped me reach my fitness goals! They are going to go the extra mile to make sure you are on track and making progress. Gabe is very knowledgeable and energetic keeping the workout experience new!
Gabe provides private soccer lessons to my 13 year old son along with some of his friends at times. Amazing to watch the talent and interaction. Greatly matures my son's game, as my son would tell anyone. I am very excited to see my son want to excel as Gabe does! Very highly recommend. Very friendly and informative.
I've been training with Gabe for a little over 4 months now. When I started this fitness journey, I was very sceptical. I didn't even think I could lose ten pounds, much less a total of 60 pounds! Not only have I been motivated to give it my all, but I've also been challenged to rise above those limits. This has brought me to a place in my life that I never thought I would be able to get back to. I have learned a lot from Gabe. I love that he challenges you, but he also takes the time to listen. He modifies where needed and kicks it up a notch without you even realizing it! I have gained so much strength and I am now able to stand tall and actually feel good about myself! Thanks Gabe for all the help! I am looking forward to the next couple of months to see even more progress!
Gabe is a friendly trainer and will always try to push my limits in a very positive way and helps me in acheiving my personal goals. I highly recommend him.
This guy is great!!! Keep me motivated and I ca. Already see the changes in my body! He checks up on me even when we are not in session to keep me on track and motivated. I plan to keep working with him until I meet my ultimate goals! You will not be let down working with Gabe!!!
I've been working out with Gabe for the last five weeks and have lost 7.5 pounds. He is eager to figure out the appropriate steps to aid in my progress to reach my goals. Lose weight, tone up and feel good. A great trainer in the making.
Very knowledgeable, helpful, and patient
There is no better feeling than being able to leave work and go lift weights with a friend who is so knowledgeable about proper technique and posture. Gabe lets me throw 10 lb. Medicine balls at his head... And he just laughs!
I initially went in today. I feel like a million dollars, well worth the investment. GABE IS ON POINT!!!! A genuine professional that cares about the whole person and desires quality life results for his clients. THANK YOU!!! MY BLESSING
best place i know with the best owner/ personal trainer around!
Gabe did an impromptu soccer session with our daughter's U8 team and was amazing. All the girls had noticing improvement by the end and our daughter said Coach Gabe is awesome.